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I regret……..

Not telling the girl next to me that I like her 

Not telling people that I have problems with my past 

Giving in to my past and not towards to my future

Not telling people how I really feel

Letting my mind take over my heart

Of not telling what I want to do 

Being a fence sitter

Have a straight face

Being dependent

Being Passive

To not able to be in your side in the last day of my life


There’s a lot of times I feel completely happy with a smile on my face with the Places, the people and the music. But there’s also a lot of times where I feel like I’m a smaller guy compared to the rest of the world. I can’t think, laugh, talk, smile, speak, love, kiss like the rest of the people I’ve seen.

I’m currently living alone. Sympathy is needed (H)/ not needed (T). Flip a coin

My heart’s bickering, I don’t know which directions I’m heading 

Maybe 50 metres deep from where I’m sitting

Holding a gun in my mouth just to forget all of these

Or maybe just finishing the tequila that has been left for a few weeks

A library for the End of the World: My Experience

"What memories would you hold on to when the world is ending?"

This Vena Cava Production is set in one of the area of West End, where participant is given a cassette player to listen the voice and guide them through places using visual references of things around them, she also reveals things around us, the number of the windows that I was looking across the street, the people, but also our inner thoughts and feelings about ourselves, we were then guided to a small container where the installation was held. I was fascinated by the detail inside the room, the notes glued against the wall, with the instructions appear on the table along with the boombox recorder, behind me were the cassette tapes that hold all the person’s memories. I began took several of them and put them in the boombox, which sets of voices that talks about different things like interacting with strangers and spoken memories with Chinese (That is one of the recordings that my mum made). Before I could finish them all, the bell rang, on which I know that I have to go inside to another room. The room I entered was quite small compared to the previous room, with only the a recorder which I make my own memory. But unfortunately before I finished it, the second bell rang, which I exited from the installation. I rarely had the experience of listening to other people’s memories, but the installation taught me that there are always memories that are worth keeping for, no matter how good or bad they were

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