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I regret……..

Not telling the girl next to me that I like her 

Not telling people that I have problems with my past 

Giving in to my past and not towards to my future

Not telling people how I really feel

Letting my mind take over my heart

Of not telling what I want to do 

Being a fence sitter

Have a straight face

Being dependent

Being Passive

To not able to be in your side in the last day of my life


There’s a lot of times I feel completely happy with a smile on my face with the Places, the people and the music. But there’s also a lot of times where I feel like I’m a smaller guy compared to the rest of the world. I can’t think, laugh, talk, smile, speak, love, kiss like the rest of the people I’ve seen.

I’m currently living alone. Sympathy is needed (H)/ not needed (T). Flip a coin

My heart’s bickering, I don’t know which directions I’m heading 

Maybe 50 metres deep from where I’m sitting

Holding a gun in my mouth just to forget all of these

Or maybe just finishing the tequila that has been left for a few weeks

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